Avoiding Scams

Some scam artists like to target homeowners who may be struggling to pay their home loan or aren’t sure which maintenance issues are emergencies. These are some red flags to help you avoid being scammed.

  • Are you being rushed to make a decision? Legitimate companies will not pressure to make a decision on the spot without time to do research or think things through.
  • Are there misspellings and grammar mistakes in the offer? Legitimate companies use lawyers and other professionals to draft documents.
  • Are they “guaranteeing” results? Financial companies cannot and do not “guarantee” outcomes for their clients.
  • Are you being asked for bank account information? Until you do research to prove to yourself that a company is legitimate, do NOT provide any bank account information.
  • Are they asking you to sign over title to your property? Do NOT sign over title to your property.
  • Are they asking you to send your home loan payments directly them? Do NOT make a home loan payment to anyone who is NOT approved by THDA to accept payments on its behalf.

These are all warning signs that you may be talking to a scam artist. Please call the national 1-888-995-HOPE (4673) hotline to file a complaint.

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