What does it mean to have a "Mortgage with Heart"?

It means your monthly home loan payments help provide assistance to very low income, elderly and disabled Tennesseans who are struggling to hold onto their homes or find a safe place to live.

As a State agency, THDA isn't trying to make a profit for our stockholders or investors like most other financial institutions do. Instead, we invest the profits we make on Great Choice Home Loans into a wide variety of housing programs for your fellow Tennesseans in need.

Every year, THDA contributes millions of dollars from our Great Choice Home Loans into the Tennessee Housing Trust Fund. We then award grants and loans from the Housing Trust Fund to thenonprofits and local government agencies that serve people in your community--such as retirees on a fixed income who can't afford to fix leaky roofs, or people in wheelchairs who need ramps and other modifications to their homes, or U.S. military veterans at risk of homelessness, and many other of your neighbors.

For more information about the Great Choice Home Loan program, please visit our First-time Homebuyer, Repeat Homebuyer, or Military Homebuyer pages.

For more information about THDA’s funding priorities for very low income, elderly and disabled Tennesseans, please visit our Housing Trust Fund page.