Now that you’re a homeowner, you’re going to have a lot of questions. We know there’s a lot more to successful homeownership than just making your monthly payments on time. Volunteer Mortgage Loan Servicing is here to help you make the most of the largest investment you’re likely to ever make—your home!

Loss Mitigation Tips

Are you facing a financial hardship and having difficulty keeping up with your mortgage payments? Visit our Loss Mitigation Tips page for information on how we can assist.

Help with Insurance

All homes with a VMLS serviced mortgage are required to have insurance. VMLS will manage the escrow account on your mortgage to pay your annual homeowner's insurance policy. This page will help if you are thinking about changing insurances companies or policies, learn about force-placed insurance and mortgage insurance, and how to file an insurance claim for damage.

Tax Information

Like your insurance, VMLS will hold funds in your escrow account to pay your property taxes. This page will provide information on your property tax bill and end of year 1098.

Escrow Analysis

Every year VMLS will review your escrow balance and projected payments to ensure we are collecting enough money to pay your Tax and Insurance. This can be a confusing process. Visit the Escrow Analysis page to help understand your escrow account.

Death or Divorce

In the unfortunate event of a borrower death or divorce, please review the information needed for VMLS to update the mortgage account.

Additional Resources

Click here for more information about maintenance and upkeep on your property, free legal assistance, and how to avoid mortgage scams.