Property Tax

Part of your monthly mortgage payment to VMLS includes the annual property tax. VMLS uses a tax service. This service works closely with all the city and counties in the state of Tennessee to gather your property tax bills and sends them to VMLS to pay in bulk. Property taxes are paid around the same time each year. Most are paid towards the end of year, October - December. But some are paid earlier, like the city of Memphis is generally paid in August every year.

If you receive a tax bill, please review and retain for your records. We will also receive the bill through our tax service. If your tax bill shows a delinquent amount due, please contact VMLS at 844-865-7378 or email a copy of your delinquent tax bill to

VMLS cannot answer questions about your tax exemptions or property appraisals. Please direct those questions to your local tax assessor. VMLS will pay the amount billed by the tax assessor.

1098 and 1099

VMLS will mail all 1098 and 1099 forms by January 31 each year and be online by the first week of February.

The 1098 form will provide the annual amount of interest and mortgage insurance paid. The starting principal balance for the year will be on your 1098. If VMLS was not servicing your mortgage on January 1, the starting principal balance on the date VMLS received your loan will be on your 1098.

A 1099 form will be mailed out if a Foreclosure, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Short Sale, or Charge Off of Principal occurred on your mortgage account within the year.

VMLS cannot answer questions specific to your tax situation. Please consult a qualified tax professional.