Mortgage Payoff Process

How to Request a Payoff

To request a payoff for your mortgage serviced by Volunteer Mortgage Loan Servicing, contact our customer service department at (844) 865-7378 or email Payoff Statements will be calculated up to 15 days in advance. We will mail, email, or fax the payoff statement to you at the preference stated with your request.
We can release a payoff statement directly to your lender, title company, attorney, or other party with your signed written authorization.
Generally, Payoff Statements are provided within 48 business hours after receipt of request.

Verification Required Prior to Sending Funds

Changes to your account may have occurred after the payoff statement was released. Contact our customer service department at (844) 865-7378 or email prior to remitting the payoff funds to us to verify the amount and remittance instructions. Notify the customer service department how the funds will be sent; and if sending payoff funds by wire, confirm the wiring instructions.

Wiring Instructions

Contact our customer service department at (844) 865-7378 to receive or verify wiring instructions.

Subordination Requests

THDA will not subordinate a lien. If you have a THDA second lien in addition to your THDA first lien, the second lien will be required to be paid in full when the first lien is paid off. The second lien payoff is not included in the first lien payoff statement; it will be a separate payoff statement. If you did not receive the second lien payoff statement with your first lien payoff statement, please contact our customer service department at (844) 865-7378 or email

FHA Partial Claim Payoff

In February 2022, FHA launched a new portal for borrowers with FHA Partial Claims. The SMART Integrated Portal allows borrowers with FHA Partial Claims to have access to view their loan and request a payoff. New users are required to create an account by following the instructions on the SIP Support Center web page. To complete the account registration process, new users must complete the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) process that verifies their account by sending a 6-digit code via text or email. If assistance is required after an account is created, users may view training videos and user guides after logging on to SIP. Users that are unable to create an account should contact Tech Support using the online chat on the right side of the SIP Support Center web page, which is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time.

Final Payoff Package

48 business hours after sending payoff funds, contact our customer service department at (844) 865-7378 or email to confirm receipt. Within 20 days of receipt of payoff funds, a lien release will be processed and sent for recording with your county's Register of Deeds. Your escrow account will be closed and you will be responsible for payment of your homeowner's insurance and taxes or verification you have set up a new escrow account with your new mortgage servicer. Contact your homeowner's insurance provider to notify of the removal of Tennessee Housing Development Agency from your mortgagee clause. Any overage funds remaining on your account, including a positive escrow balance, will be returned to you within 30 days. Your final payoff package will contain a confirmation of payoff letter, final escrow analysis, and refund of any balance remaining on your account.

Wire Fraud Warning

Cyber criminals are hacking email accounts and sending emails with fraudulent wiring instructions. One method is by secretly gaining control over the email inbox of an entity, i.e. title company, and intercepting emails sent to the entity. Cyber criminals alter emails that contain payoff statement(s) and input their own fraudulent account information. Then, cyber criminals send their fraudulent email to the entity, i.e. title company, with the fraudulent payoff statement(s) attached and make the email appear as if it came directly from the mortgage servicer.
DO NOT TRUST bank wiring instructions sent via email. ALWAYS independently confirm bank wiring instructions in person or via a telephone call to a trusted and verified telephone number. Contact our customer service department at (844) 865-7378 to verify wiring instructions.
NEVER wire money to VMLS without double-checking that the wiring instructions are correct. Be aware that cyber criminals can “spoof” calls to you that appear to be from a trusted and verified telephone number. Per the Federal Communications Commission, Caller ID spoofing is when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity. Therefore, any confirmations of wiring instructions must be made in person or by your company calling VMLS and speaking to a VMLS representative.
VMLS will NEVER call you to provide or otherwise confirm bank wiring instructions. Even if VMLS is returning your phone call, you will be required to hang up and call VMLS back prior to receiving confirmation of wiring instructions. If the wiring instructions you received are incorrect, VMLS will mail you valid payoff statement(s) via U.S. first-class mail or as otherwise agreed upon.
This warning and the procedures described herein do not serve as an express or implied warranty and in no way create any additional legal obligations or liabilities for VMLS as it relates to any party involved in the applicable real estate transaction. It is fully the responsibility of the parties involved in obtaining the payoff statement(s) and controlling the funds to ensure that the funds are properly wired to VMLS’ account.